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Working in Partnership

The Researcher Development Partnership provides bespoke learning programmes and strategic support to universities, researchers and education providers.  The learning programmes we offer are thematic and so each can be tailored specifically to meet your needs and objectives.  We work in partnership to understand your particular context, and design and deliver courses and programmes to embrace and reflect this.

At a strategic level we can help you understand and develop the frameworks, strategies and pathways that will help your researchers become better researchers, better leaders and be ready for the labour market, whether that be in academia or in industry.  

For individual researchers we provide online courses and modules - most notably our Academic English for International Students and Academic English for Publication packages which will help you present your research with clarity and get your work published. 


Academic English for Publication

Purpose: to help participants get published in English language academic journals by understanding the publication process and the rhetoric of English academic writing. Benefits: as a result of this programme, participants will know a range of strategies to help them with their academic writing and publications, including knowing how academic English ‘works’; proactive steps taken in the publication process to maximise success; applying simple strategies to make writing easier; applying the knowledge to edit effectively.  

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