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No penalty shoot-out

I haven’t written in a while. I have, but not on the projects I was planning to write on. Things come up and things change and we tend to see these as obstacles and frustrations. They are not obstacles, they are life. We often think we should be better prepared by factoring these ‘surprises’ and ‘shouldn’t-really-be-surprises’ into our schedules and lives. Of course we should remember the school holidays or anticipate that the World Cup could mean some people are out of ‘network coverage’, but while undertaking a whole-life risk-matrix may work for the few, it is not how most of us operate.

I wanted to get a new blog post out two weeks ago, but the school holidays happened at the same time as an opportunity to submit a bid for some interesting work. Finding the time to sit down and write on my blog didn’t happen. But that didn’t stop me feeling guilty about it because I had set myself the goal. This guilt was compounded by the fact that I didn’t win the bid - all that time and effort wasted! But it wasn’t completely wasted was it? I learnt lots putting that bid together, I honed some text I had been struggling with and I renewed contact and friendships with old colleagues. It may have ‘gotten in the way’ of achieving my perceived goal but in itself it created new thinking, skills and relationships.

Sometimes we need to step back from the idea of goals, challenges and objectives. By surrounding ourselves with potential ‘achievements’ we are - unless super-human -ultimately setting ourselves up for a number of failures - real and perceived. I am not saying that we should completely eradicate goals from our lives (particularly our career lives), and I am a true believer that we learn as much, if not more, from our failures as our success, but, I also think that not everything has to be about achieving. Without wishing to sound too mindful, life is the here and now and some days, isn’t it just fine to just be here, now?