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Small steps to authenticity

I am not a natural writer. I wish I was but I really, really have to work at it. That’s why I start off with just a 250 word target. It’s not a lot - just about as long as this blog post and the last one. But, now, that is 500 words. Tomorrow, or maybe later today if I’m feeling creative, it will be 750. When I get to 1000, then I will reflect and read it all back. Not before then - what is the point,? I haven’t got enough down yet to really know if it flows, if what I am saying makes sense or indeed, if it needs to be said at all. If I start reviewing and reflecting too early, I know I’ll get tangled up in the language and the spelling and the formatting far too early and the content and context will lose some of the essence of what I was trying to say.

I’m hoping this tactic has worked out for the best here and for what I am trying to say, which is: that in creating our own distractions (formatting etc.), or focussing too strongly on the final product (for me here a series of useful blog posts), we don’t just create a more stressful writing environment, but we can actually undermine the essence and therefore the authenticity of what we want to say. It might seem small, but 250 words works for me, you of course, can choose your own number.